From: Steve Heinje
Sent: Friday, October 11, 2002 5:36 PM
To: Bill Mann; Tony Drager; Bill Mann (E-mail 2)
Subject: CTS_mining





Canyon Tone and Canyon Tone W in South Africa for mining.


Chemical Resistance to:



Effects: incidental contact.

Hydrochloric acid 11%

We have specifc data on 5% and are assured that incidental contact at 11% is OK, but canít recommend the product for constant exposure. The solvent cut version will hold up for longer periods, say over 30 days continuous.

Hydrochloric acid fumes - up to 33%

High concentrations will damage the coating as well be a likely cause for delamination from damage to the substrate underneath. Many rocks will be degraded and the vapour will pass through our coating.

Sodium Chlorate 50%

No damage, except color change in some cases as CTS can handle high strength alkaliís gracefully.

Sodium Carbonate Solution ( High Alkali)

I expect no damge as CTS can handle most alkaliís in high strength.

Hydrogen Peroxide

OK at lower concentrations, say 5%.

Deta Tri-hydrochloride

Is this EDTA, if so it will not be damaged.

Traces of Anhydrous Ammonia

I expect no damge as CTS can handle most alkaliís in high strength.

Traces of  Hydrobromic Acid

Same as hydrochloric acid.


More specific results will require concentrations, information about the substrate, temperature and details about the expectations on the coating.


Steve Heinje